Jeffrey R. Peters

Senior Research Engineer

United Technologies Research Center






Journal Articles

  1. J.R. Peters, A. Surana, G.S. Taylor, T. Turpin, and F. Bullo. UAV Surveillance Under Visibility and Dwell-Time Constraints. ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control, 2018. To Appear. [PDF]

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  7. F. Pasqualetti, F. Zanella, J.R. Peters, M. Spindler, R. Carli, and F. Bullo Camera Network Coordination for Intruder Detection. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 2014. [PDF] [Link]

Conference Articles

  1. J.R. Peters, M. Farzad, X. Zhao, P.C. O'Neill, F. Stramandinoli, A. Dorgan, and P. Wu. Robotic Learning from Unconstrained Human Physical Motion Capture. CPHS, 2018.

  2. F. Stramandinoli, K.G. Lore, J.R. Peters, P.C. O'Neill, B.M. Nair, R. Varma, J.C. Ryde, J.T. Miller, and K. Reddy. Robot Learning from Human Demonstration in Virtual Reality. ACM HRI, 2018.

  3. J.R. Peters, E. Jahangir, A. Surana, and Z. Mian. Multi-Layer Framework for Synthesis and Evaluation of Heterogeneous Systems-of-Systems Composed of Manned and Unmanned Vehicles. SAE Aerospace Systems and Technology Conference, 2018.

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  6. J.R. Peters and L. Bertuccelli Robust Scheduling Strategies for Collaborative Human-UAV Missions. American Control Conference, 2016. [PDF] [Link]

Books/Teaching Curriculum

  1. J.R. Peters and R. Patel Thinking Robotics: Teaching Robots to Make Decisions., 2015. [Lab Manual PDF] [Link]


  1. J.R. Peters and Contributors. The AreaCon Library., 2016. [Github Page]


  1. J.R. Peters, S. Wang, A. Surana, and F. Bullo. Asynchronous and Dynamic Coverage Control Scheme for Persistent Surveillance Missions. arXiv preprint arXiv:1609.05264, 2016. Keywords(s): Multi-Agent Systems, Coverage Control, Unmanned Vehicles. [PDF] [Link]

  2. J.R. Peters, A. Surana, and Luca Bertuccelli. Eye-Tracking Metrics for Task-Based Supervisory Control. arXiv preprint arXiv:1506.01976, 2015. Keywords(s): Supervisory Control, Task-Based Control, Unmanned Vehicles, RESCHU. [PDF] [Link]

  3. J.R. Peters. Camera Coordination for Intruder Detection in 1D Environments. MS Thesis, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of California at Santa Barbara, December 2013. Keywords(s): Applied Sciences, Camera Networks, Computer vision, Distributed control, Patrolling, Robotic coordination. [PDF] [Link]